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1.5º is Dead


Global Action

Actions took place in Italy (Rome, Turin, Venice), Denmark (Copenhagen), Spain (Madrid), the UK (London), France (Paris), Germany (Berlin), the Netherlands (The Hague), Portugal (Lisbon), Switzerland (Bern), Rwanda (Muanga), Sierra Leone, Colombia (Bogotá), Panamá, Ecuador (Quito), the USA (Washington DC, Los Angeles,Portland, New York), and Malawi (Lilongwe), among others.

This campaign spawned many local Scientist Rebellion groups, who are engaging in climate action locally. Want to start the next one?

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About the Campaign

Governments promise to “keep 1.5 alive” while expanding fossil infrastructure. They are lying to the public. Despite decades of scientific warnings, we remain on track for an unlivable world.

In this campaign, we demanded radical honesty about past failures — 1.5 is dead! — and emergency action on climate. On April 6 2022, we mobilized over 1,000 scientists and academics in over 28 countries to engage in civil disobedience and climate action more broadly.

The window to secure a livable future is rapidly closing. We must move out of the labs and into the streets to help push for urgent action on climate. Time is short.

Los Angeles, April 6, Chase Bank
COP26, Glasglow Bridge Blockade

"We need a billion climate activists. I encourage everyone to consider where we're heading as a species, and to engage in civil disobedience and other actions. The time is now. We've waited far too long. Mobilize, mobilize, and mobilize. Mobilize before we lose everything."

Ways you can get involved

Donate to Scientist Rebellion

One way you can support us is by donating. Your donations fund our ability to mobilize globally, our ability to have big impactful and visible actions that lead to real change. A united academia needs to urge world powers to act like we are in the emergency we are in.

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Ways you can get involved

Calling on a united academia

Leading climate scientists privately admit that the IPCC pathway for staying below 1.5°C is now lost. Citizens need to know this urgently. A united academia can help usher us into much needed emergency mode transformations.

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