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We are scientists, uniting against climate failure.
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Ways you can get involved

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One way you can support us is by donating. Your donations fund our ability to mobilize globally, our ability to have big impactful and visible actions that lead to real change. A united academia needs to urge world powers to act like we are in the emergency we are in.

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Ways you can get involved

Calling on a united academia

Leading climate scientists privately admit that the IPCC pathway for staying below 1.5°C is now lost. Citizens need to know this urgently. A united academia can help usher us into much needed emergency mode transformations.

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Scientists have spent decades writing papers, advising governments, briefing the press: all have failed. What is the point in documenting in ever greater detail the catastrophe we face, if we are not willing to do anything about it?

Academics are perfectly placed to wage a rebellion: we exist in rich hubs of knowledge and expertise; we are well connected across the world, and to decision-makers; we have large platforms from which to inform, educate and rally others all over the world, and we have implicit authority and legitimacy, which is the basis of political power. We can make a difference. We must do what we can to halt the greatest destruction in human history.

Scientist Trio
Why We Rebel (#1)

“In times of emergency, the scientific community must act their part: we are among the most trusted members of society and we cannot let our immense prestige go to waste.”


“Why is it that the global south has to suffer the consequences that were caused by the Global North? Cancel the debts of the Global South and turn the debts into climate action.”

Why We Rebel (#3)

“I am a scientist but I am on the street today because I see no other option than going out of my lab and take risk being part of non violent movements to denounce the inactions of our governments for the survival of humanity.”

“We are currently heading directly towards civilizational collapse. We need to switch into climate emergency mode as a society.”

— Dr. Peter Kalmus

As scientists we have tried writing reports and giving presentations about the climate and ecological crisis to those in power. We must now have the humility to accept these attempts have not worked. Now is the time for us to take action, so that we show how seriously we take our warnings.

Dr. Peter Kalmus